The purpose of setting up brands is to give yourself a starting point from which to build your emails in terms of logos, colours and company info. 

If you're an Enterprise user you can also use brands to segment your account. More details here.

You can also define some useful settings under brands including default url parameters for your links and locking down the email domain for your "from" email address.

You can access the branding section of your Knak account by going to the Company Settings dropdown menu on the left side and selecting Brands. From there you can create new brand, edit existing brands and also clone existing brands.

If you click on the edit icon you will be able to edit the settings for that particular brand.

Profile Information

Here you can set up the address and company details for the brand to be pulled into the footer of emails when you select a starter theme.


Here you can upload a logo to pull into a starter theme. For the logo we would recommend using a png image that is at least 400px in width to ensure that it looks sharp on a variety of screen sizes and resolutions.

You can also choose your default font. If you have a font that you want to use that isn't available in the dropdown then contact us at and we'll discuss adding that in for you.

Color Palette  

Define primary, secondary and default link colors. 

You will be able to access these easily when building content in Knak. Just click on the color palette to the right of any color picker:

Social Media

Here you can populate the links to your social media accounts for the icons that you would like to show in the footer of your emails when selecting a starter theme.

Email Options

Email options allows you to set default URL parameters to be included by default on each of your links in every email. This ensures consistent application of all URL parameters and will improve your tracking drastically. 

If you wish to change the URL parameter for a specific email, not to worry, you can override them at the email level.

To do this, simply click on the Info tab in the top nav bar when building an email. Then go to the Advanced settings section on the left. Here you'll see the default link parameter for that email and you can update it if necessary for that particular email.

In this section, you can also set the email width for a brand. Each brand can have its own default width.

Email Presets

Email presets allows you to set a default:

  • From email address

  • From name 

  • Reply to email

Locking Down Email Presets

You can use the padlock icon to lock these down if you want to ensure that your users can only use the presets set up in here for that particular brand.

To do this, click the lock icon beside the field you want to lock down. If you want to have a specific email domain, but don't want to lock down what comes before the @ symbol, then you can add asterisks as a wildcard.

Adding * for example would ensure that the From email or Reply-to email address would have to be Many of our customers setup their brands regionally, and have a wildcard to ensure that for example all France emails are sent from: 

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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