It is generally not recommended to send HTML emails from Outlook due to the limitations with rendering. That being said a lot of our clients like to send emails from individual user's Outlook accounts. We can see the benefit of this and have created a download for Outlook functionality to optimise knak emails so that they are in as good of a state as possible to send from Outlook. 

Please note that the emails will render a lot more consistently with better responsive behaviour when using the regular download or sync functionality in knak to send from Marketo, Eloqua or Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

If you do want to enable download for Outlook in your account then let us know and we can turn on the feature. You will need an Enterprise level subscription to take advantage of this feature.

Once the feature is enabled you will be able to download for Outlook from the email page:

And from within the builder:

When you download for Outlook from either of these pages the HTML file will be downloaded to your computer. To get the HTML into Outlook to send you then follow these steps.

Step 1

Open the the html file into your browser. You should just be able to drag the file from your local file system into a browser.

Step 2

From here you just need to copy everything in the browser window containing the HTML file. Click within your browser and press Command-A to select all and Command-C to copy it (Mac) or Ctrl-A then Ctrl-C (Windows). Another option is to just copy all the browser contents with you cursor and right click to copy.

Step 3

Now we want to paste this into Outlook. So open up Outlook. Click on "New Email". In the email body we can then paste the copied content of the email into the body of the email. Either Command-V (Mac) or Ctrl-V (Windows). The email should then be ready to send from Outlook, you can add the recipient and Subject Line from here.

Reach out to our Customer Success Team via Intercom if you want to enable the Download for Outlook feature in your account.

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