Dynamic images allow you to place content in your emails that will change based on values which you supply.
There are a lot of valuable ways you might want to use dynamic images, here are a few examples:

  • Personalized cards (birthday, Christmas & anniversary etc) 
  • Countdown timers
  • Dynamic ads
  • Rule based images

Knak Builder now has functionality that allows you to add dynamic images to your emails without the need for custom HTML blocks or coding.
A dynamic image will have a url that includes variables that are capable of changing the image.
Regular url: https://knak.io/images/knaklogo.png
Dynamic image url: https://knak.io/images/?imagebanner={{lead.first_name}}

How to setup a dynamic image

  1. Open the email you wish to work with and navigate to the edit screen.
  2. Click on the image you want to change to a dynamic image. On the right side of the screen the content properties will appear.
  3. Click on 'Dynamic image' to reveal the Dynamic Url section.
  4. Enter the dynamic url you want to use

When dynamic content is used the image will have two urls. One will be a regular url that will link to a static image. This would be used for preview purposes and also if the dynamic content can't be used for any reason. The regular url is the one under the 'Change image' button.
The second url is the dynamic one which will change based on the url parameters. This is the one under the 'Dynamic Url' section

Frequently asked questions about dynamic images

What happens if I enable the dynamic image but leave the Dynamic URL field empty?
In this case the system will use the static image as usual, ignoring the dynamic settings.

Can the dynamic URL entirely be a text placeholder, like {{MyURL}} instead of https://knak.com?Variable={{MyURL}}?
Yes, there is no need of adding the protocol or other URL related items if it's already provided by your sending platform. In many cases, though, you will use a URL to some service, and pass as part of the URL some variables in the form of merge tags or tokens, which will be used by that service to create or personalize the image that will be served.
Typical variables include: email, name, date/time, customer ID, order ID, offer ID, etc.

What syntax/characters can be used as dynamic URL?
Knak does not perform any validation on the provided syntax, you can use whatever syntax and/or characters you wish to use.

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