To enable this feature in your account speak to the Knak support team or your customer success manager.

Knak is a drag and drop email creation platform that allows you to create any kind of email quickly, and with no coding required.

 If you’re new to Knak and want to know more, check out our website and help doc library for more info.

How to install the Knak Chrome plugin

Open up the Chrome web store, search for Knak and select 'Add to Chrome' to install the plug in.

In your Knak account, click on your user name in the bottom left corner of the screen to bring up your profile page.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'Generate a new API Key'
#if you don't see 'Generate a new API Key' contact Knak support to discuss enablement.

On the pop up screen, copy the API key.

In your Chrome toolbar (top right corner of your screen) select the Knak icon, paste in your API Key and hit submit.

You should now be authenticated and see this screen:

How to send an email from Gmail

The first thing you need to do to mark the email as available to be sent from Gmail. To do that open the relevant email and navigate to the Info Tab > Advanced settings. Click on 'Gmail Specific Email' this will make the email available in Gmail.

Next, open up Gmail, if you already have Gmail open, hit refresh to allow the changes to take effect.
Open up a new email, you should see the green/blue Knak icon in the Gmail toolbar at the bottom of the email.

Clicking the Knak icon will bring up a pop up screen in which you can see all your Knak emails. You can search for a specific emails using the search bar. Insert the email you want to use by clicking on 'Insert HTML'

Your beautiful Knak email will be added to Gmail, ready to be sent.


Multi-column layouts - Sending from Gmail doesn't fully support media queries. In some situations the recipient will receive the mobile version when viewing on desktop. To ensure correct rendering we recommend using single column layouts as much as possible.

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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