Setting up the Knak<>Marketo integration is easy. And it's powerful. It allows you to push email and landing page templates from Knak into Marketo at the push of a button.

Note: You'll need Marketo admin access to complete this setup.

Watch the Marketo<>Knak integration video, or follow the documentation below.

Step #1:

Login to Marketo. Go to the admin panel, and click on roles.

Step #2:

Create a new API User role.

Minimum API permissions needed are as follows:

  • Approve Assets

  • Read-Write Assets

Step #3:

Invite a new user.

Important Note: The email address used for the new user needs to be unique and can't be the same as any email address already in use in your Marketo instance. You can create a unique email address by adding +anyword after your regular email. For email can be changed to
By using the above method you can still receive emails in your regular inbox while also having a unique email for the purpose of the integration.

Important Note: Ensure you select the role you just created, and make sure 'API Only' is selected, or the integration won't work.

Step #4:

Create a new LaunchPoint Service for Knak.

Note: If you don't see 'Custom' here, you need to speak with your Marketo account manager to upgrade your Marketo subscription.

Important Note: Ensure you select the new user here that has the proper API permissions, otherwise the integration won't work.

Grab your Client ID and Client Secret from this screen and enter it into Knak.

Step #5:

Grab your REST API Endpoint from the Web Services tab in Marketo.

Step #6:
Open Integrations under 'My Account' and add the Client ID, Client Secret and Rest API Endpoint credentials to Knak and you're done! Enjoy effortless syncing between Knak and Marketo!

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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