🎵 Note: You will need to have an existing Marketo Integration in your Knak account before proceeding. Watch our how-to set up the Marketo Integration video, or read about it in our Knowledge Base

Before you can use a form that you created in Marketo and see it living inside your Knak Landing Page, you’re going to first need to sync the Landing Page from Knak into Marketo.

To do so, pick the Landing Page you want to sync to Marketo, and open it up inside your Knak Editor. If you haven’t already created a Landing Page, go ahead and create one, or [follow along with our help documentation!](link to piece later)

In the “Select an Integration” modal window (after clicking [Publish] > [Sync]) go ahead and select [Select] to the right of “Marketo”, select your “Workspace” along with the “Sync Folder” for where your Knak Landing Page will live, then click [Sync], and when you see the “Page Sync Complete” screen you’re in the clear! (Workflow shown below)

Once you’ve selected the Page, you’re happy with its design, content and flow, click “Publish”, then “Sync” (or under “Info”, on the right-hand column under “Sync Information”, you’ll see a button called “Sync”).

💡 Tip: If you’d like to learn about creating a Form in Marketo, check out their documentation here!

Well, that was fast! Now that your Landing Page has been synced into Marketo, let’s jump in and open the Landing Page in Marketo, and add the form. To learn more about adding a Form to a Landing Page in Marketo, please refer to the following documentation made available by Marketo. But, here is a quick breakdown:

  • Go to [Marketing Activities]

  • Find and select your landing page and click [Edit Draft]

  • Double-click the Form in the element panel

  • Select the form you want to add

  • You have three options when choosing your follow-up page:

  • In this example we’ll use Form Defined. Click [Insert]

  • Finished

That's it! If you have any questions, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager, or Support, and we’d love to help!

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