What's Changing:

Knak is introducing a folder system into our Studio, you will be able create directory’s of folders to store campaigns and assets


We're customer driven here at Knak and this was the most requested feature by our customers. We heard that our users needed a more robust way to store, sort and find assets. So that's exactly what we delivered!


General release will be Tuesday, December 14th, 2021

(Limited preview release will go live before then for Knak beta customers)

Major Changes:

  • New layout coming to the Studio with folders & tasks displayed along with campaign assets

  • Admin functionality moved to a separate section accessible via a drop down toggle

  • Folders can now be created under each Knak brand

  • 'Campaigns' (think collections of emails & landing pages) can be built & stored in folders

  • Bulk actions (move, delete & clone) will now be possible for campaigns & assets

  • Better sorted & search options in the Studio

How's it going to work?

Each brand in Knak will be the top level folder or location in your new folder directory. On November 29th all your existing assets will be automatically moved to a sub folder called 'Unfiled' you can leave existing assets there or move them to new folders as you build out your folder structure.

View of folders and drop down menus

Admin functionality can now be found by selecting the drop down menu in the top left corner of the screen

New studio and admin toggle

How to build new content

First you will need to open or create a folder under one of your brands. Then you can create a campaign.

From within the campaign you can create a campaign asset (email or landing page) by selecting the plus icon on the right side of the page.

Bulk Actions

Multiple campaign assets can be selected at once and moved or deleted in bulk. You can select with the check box in the top left corner of any asset.

Entire campaigns can be selected, cloned and moved by right/double clicking the campaign.

This can be used to create a 'campaign in a box' for example a webinar campaign might include:

  • Invite email

  • Sign up page

  • Confirmation email

  • Reminder email

This can be packaged into an easily reusable campaign which can be used multiple times.

Need more help? Contact Support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email support@knak.com.

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