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How to utilize Knak's Inspiration Centre

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The inspiration centre allows you to use real emails and add them to your own campaigns in Knak. From there you can customize them however you want! Click here to watch our demo.

Navigating the Inspiration Centre

  1. At the bottom left hand corner of the studio page, click "Inspiration Centre".

  2. You can now browse beautifully created assets. Click "Email" or "Landing Page" at the top depending on what you need.

  3. You can also browse by category and search using keywords in the search bar.

  4. To utilize any of the assets, simply click on it. You will be presented with a preview page where you can see the asset on desktop and mobile view.

  5. Click "Use This Email" to make it your own. From there a wizard will pop up. Add the name of the asset and choose which brand and campaign folder you wish to build from and click "Save".

  6. Your browser will take you to the asset you chose, now duplicated into the campaign you selected within that brand. You can edit this asset just like you would any other!

Note: Be sure to change or remove any copyrighted asset when using an asset from the inspiration centre.

Need more help? Contact Support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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