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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Link Alias

Track individual customer journeys better in SFMC, by tracking clicks of individual users with each link.

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Alias for Salesforce Marketing Cloud turns links in emails into links that are unique to each subscriber.

When editing a button within an email or landing page:

  • A user can define the value that they want from the alias attribute if they want an alias attribute

  • The alias attribute is optional and does not affect the default behavior of the button element

  • The alias attribute accepts alphanumeric characters, underscores and hyphens only

  • The alias attribute has a max length of 50 characters

  • It is possible to clear or unset the alias attribute

When exporting the HTML

  • The alias attribute is set in the button HTML and matched the value set in the button attribute

If you would like this enabled, reach out to your CSM or Support.

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