Knak now has the ability to automatically scan your emails for common mistakes that may affect email deliverability and performance.

To enable this feature in your Knak account contact support or your customer success manager.

Optimize will appear as a new tab in the email builder.

Optimize will check for the following issues:

Reply-To Address - Checks if a valid reply-to email exists
From Address - Checks if a valid from address exists
Preview text - Checks if preview text has been added and is longer than 15 characters. (Short preview text is not recommended as it may not convey enough meaning to the recipient)

Email Size - Checks to see if the email is below 102kb.
Subject Line - Checks if a subject line exists
Out Of Date Modules - Checks if all modules used in the email are up to date.
Content Links - Checks if all content links have link URLs added
Button Links - Checks if all button links have URLs added

Published Modules - Checks if all modules are published (not deleted or unpublished)

Alternate Text - Checks to see if there is alternate text on every image.

The optimize tab will show you all items and whether each item has passed, warning or failed. Every issue will have a high or medium impact.

If any item has failed you can select 'highlight' to view the section of the email that has issues or select 'edit' to be taken to the relevant section to review and fix.

Configuring the Optimize TabĀ 

The tests under the Optimize tab can be configured so that a failed test will either produce a warning or completely block the email from being synced or downloaded.

With Alternate Text, you can set it to give a warning, ignore or error.

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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