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Understanding and Leveraging the 'Strip Custom CSS' Option in Knak
Understanding and Leveraging the 'Strip Custom CSS' Option in Knak

When working with Marketo forms integrated into your Knak landing pages, it's essential to maintain consistency and resolve any conflicts

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To ensure a seamless integration, the "Strip custom CSS" checkbox is a valuable tool.

What is the “Strip custom CSS” checkbox?

The "Strip custom CSS" checkbox is a feature that helps address conflicts between the custom CSS styles applied in Marketo and the styles set within Knak for your forms. When enabled, this option essentially removes any custom CSS styles that are present in your Marketo form, allowing your customized styles in Knak to take precedence.

When you should enable “Strip custom CSS”

Enable the “Strip custom CSS” checkbox when you are using an existing Marketo form with custom CSS added in the Marketo form builder.

Potential disadvantages for enabling “Strip custom CSS”

It is possible that the “Strip custom CSS” functionality could also affect CSS that is added dynamically by other scripts on the page (for example cookie centres).

If this occurs try placing any other scripts before the Marketo form, at the top of the page.

Otherwise, we suggest creating a new version of the form in Marketo without the additional CSS, and disabling the “Strip custom CSS” checkbox.

By enabling the "Strip custom CSS" feature, you can confidently resolve conflicts between Marketo styles and Knak's customized form styles, ensuring your landing pages maintain a cohesive design and flawless functionality. Remember to consider the potential disadvantages, such as script dependencies and compatibility issues, and thoroughly test the page's functionality before enabling this option. With a careful approach, you can enhance the user experience and achieve a seamless integration between Marketo forms and Knak's custom design capabilities

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