Adding a Form to a Landing Page in Marketo

Adding a form for a Marketo landing page

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Adding a form for your landing page is straight forward. Simply click and drag the 'form' content block to the location you want.

The form content block will be a placeholder. If you don't add want to add an embedded form, this will become a placeholder for the form.

With the placeholder, you can add a form background colour, a corner radius, inner and outer padding and a border on any of the sides.

You can add an embedded form directly into the landing page by clicking on the form and selecting Add Embedded Form

After clicking on this, select the integration and the form you want to embed into the landing page. Wait for the preview of the form to show in the Select a From window and then select Use This Form.

With the embedded form, you can use the default style or you can use the Knak style. The Knak Style uses a style designed by Knak and the default style has no extra design. You can also align and determine the form width

There are several styling options such as form width and alignment:

Form Background and Corner Radius:

Box Shadow:

Padding and Borders:

If the form needs updating or changed, click on Update Embedded Form.

โ€‹Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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