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Creating a button that sends an email when clicked

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When you add a Button and set the Link type to Send email, you have the options in the sidebar to set a Mail to email address, a Subject line and a message Body.

This will insert a button that launches a draft email when clicked. The draft is pre-populated with the content that you set in Knak.

Some tips for configuring your ‘Send email’ button

  • Message length: Outlook for Windows also has a maximum length limit for clickable links, so we recommend keeping the text in your Subject and Body combined to a maximum of 1250 characters. Any longer than that, and Outlook may not launch the draft email window when the button is clicked.

  • Link tracking: It is generally not recommended to include tracking on buttons that send an email. See this blog post by Sanford Whiteman for more information. In Knak, you can disable Platform Link Tracking by clicking this icon in the sidebar. (Contact Knak support or your CSM if this option is not currently available in your instance.)

  • Yahoo mail: Unfortunately Yahoo mail always replaces line breaks with spaces when a draft email is launched. This is for their own security reasons, so there is no way around it. For this reason, it’s a good idea to make sure your message is still clear and usable without any line breaks for any users on Yahoo. (This affects Yahoo mail in a web browser and the Yahoo Mail app for iOS, but the Yahoo Mail app for Android does support line breaks.)

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