Adding Video Content to a Landing Page

How to add embed a video to your landing page

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Here's how you can add a video to your landing page from YouTube, Vimeo, Vidyard and Wistia.

To add a video to a landing page

1. Insert a Video content Block into the landing page:

2. Paste the URL from the platform. The link must be from the platform itself.

To add from VidYard and YouTube

Paste the URL from the platform into the address bar. To add videos and playlists from Vidyard, the link should begin with followed by the id of the video. There should be no question mark at the end of the URL.

To add from Wistia

Navigate to the video that you want to share in Wistia.

Click Embed & Share.

Select the Share tab at the top.

Select the URL in the box, or click the link icon inside the box, to copy the URL.

Paste this URL into Knak.

To add from Vimeo

Click the 'Embed' button on your Vimeo Video page and copy the https link from the iframe.

Paste the URL from the embed code into the address bar.

3. Don't forget to add the Alt text!

4. The video is now ready for your landing page.

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