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More control over how their bulleted lists look within text elements

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With custom bullets you can make keep information bite size and on brand with these customizations:

  • Upload custom bullets and customize the color

  • Adjust spacing between each bullet

  • Adjust spacing between content and the bullet

  • Upload GIFs as bullets

You can customize a list by changing the margins, the bullet type and colour, marker spacing and item padding. The same also applies to nested list item styles.

To use these, simply create a list in a text element and customize on the righthand side under list attributes

See a walkthrough of how to customize bullets below:

Custom bullets: limitations in Outlook for Windows

Maximum image bullet size in Outlook for Windows

Outlook limits the total available space for the bullet image and the space between the bullet and the text to 24 pixels total, regardless of text size.

This means that your Image size and Inner Left Padding combined should total a maximum of 24 pixels. If you stick to these limits in your design, your list will look the same across all email clients, including Outlook.

If you prefer to use a larger bullet image (which is supported in all other email clients), then in Outlook the image will automatically be scaled down to fit into the 24px space.

As an example, this layout is using a very large bullet image in Knak, which will display like this in all other email clients:

When opened in Outlook for Windows, the bullet image will be scaled down like this and aligned vertically to the center of the text:

Image bullets are not supported on Nested Lists in Outlook for Windows

Outlook doesn’t support images on Nested Lists. If you use one, it will display in all email clients except Outlook, and Outlook will display a plain fallback bullet for the Nested List items.

As an example, for this layout in Knak, an asterisk image has been used for the Nested List. It will display in all other email clients:

In Outlook for Windows, the Nested List items will have a plain fallback nested bullet and the color of the bullet will match the text color:

This limitation only applies for Image bullets on Nested Lists. The customization options for bullet Type and Color are fully supported for Nested Lists in Outlook.

Note about image resizing in Outlook:

We recommend using a square image to avoid issues with images resizing oddly in Outlook. There is a little info symbol will remind you about this as pictured below.

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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