Using Animated Gifs in Emails

How to use a gif effectively

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Using animated gifs in an email are a great way to grab someone's attention.

However, not all email clients support animated gifs. Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 don't support these types of image files. But don't worry, they will be able to see the first frame of the animated gif. Just ensure that the first frame of the gif has all the pertinent information that you want the reader to see.

When using an animated gif, don't make them too large in size and also take a look at the mobile view to ensure renders how you want it to.

To use a animated gif in Knak, drop an image block and upload the animated gif like you would with a png or jpeg file.

That's it. You're set to use animated gifs in your emails.

Gifs that are not animated are fully supported in Knak

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