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Editing dark mode images in landing pages in Marketo
Editing dark mode images in landing pages in Marketo

How to edit dark mode images in landing pages in Marketo

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Editing custom dark mode images in Marketo

  • After syncing your landing page to Marketo, you can edit any pre-existing link that you applied to your image, as well as the light mode image.

  • Unfortunately Marketo does not easily support editing the dark mode image, so it cannot be changed once you have synced or imported to Marketo (unless you edit the HTML source).

  • Both images are contained in the same editable area, so take care when editing anything in the window, to ensure that you don’t inadvertently clear the invisible dark mode image.

Editing your image link or light mode image

When editing your landing page, you can click on the visible image, which will be the light mode image if your operating system is set to light mode. You can also select it from the Elements sidebar.

If your operating system is set to dark mode, Marketo will show you the dark mode image, but the process is the same, you can double-click the image or click on the Elements sidebar to edit the image.

Once you have opened the image editing window, you will see that only the light mode image is visible and editable, even if your operating system is set to dark mode. This is a limitation of Marketo’s editing controls.

To edit the light mode image, click on it as you usually would, and hit the Insert/Edit image icon to make changes.

If you added a link in Knak, it will be wrapped around both the light and dark mode images. You can edit the link by clicking on the Insert/Edit link icon and making changes. The changes will apply to both images.

Note that if you did not add a link in Knak, and you add a new one in Marketo, it will only apply to the light mode image. Likewise, if you remove a link that you added in Knak, it will only be removed from the light mode image.

If you are comfortable editing HTML, you can make edits to the hidden dark mode image by clicking the Edit HTML icon in the Marketo editor window, however this is not recommended.

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