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Setting up a Custom Validator integration
Setting up a Custom Validator integration

Instructions how to set up a custom validator integration

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A Custom Validator allows Knak Users to quickly test Knak Asset content with your own content testing service, providing seamless integration of your own business rules for content validation into the Knak Asset creation process.

Custom Validator API

Before connecting your own service with Knak, ensure that your service supports the necessary endpoints. Details of the required endpoints and data schema can be found in the API specification at

Connecting your Custom Validator

Navigate to Admin → Integrations → Platforms and scroll down to the “Content Testing” section and click on the “Custom Validator” tile.

The “Auth Header Name” and “Auth Header Value” allow you to define the Authorization mechanism that your service prefers.

The “Platform Format” option determines which Marketing Automation Platform (if any) the Asset content for testing will be optimized for.

For the “endpoint URL” field, enter the URL of your service at the API root: for example if your service implements the “Validate” action at, enter in this field.

Using your Custom Validator

Users can initiate your Validation process for an Asset as shown in the screenshot below. The Validator will appear with the name as set in integration set up. The latest version of the current Asset being edited will be sent to the validation service.

If you have any questions or issues, reach out to support at or use the chat bubble in the lower right hand corner.

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