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Setting up a custom Digital Asset Manager (DAM) integration
Setting up a custom Digital Asset Manager (DAM) integration

How to set up a custom Digital Asset Manager for images and assets

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Setting up Knak to use your own custom Digital Asset Manager (DAM) for images and assets is easy. Upon connecting, you will be able to see all your assets within your DAM in Knak.

Custom DAM API

Before connecting your own Digital Asset Manager with Knak, please ensure that your DAM API supports the necessary endpoints. You can see what endpoints are required of your DAM API as well as the data that is needed in the response by reading our documentation page for custom DAMs.

Connecting your custom DAM

Navigate to Admin > Integrations > Platforms and scroll down to Digital Asset Management, click on the Custom DAM tile.

Fill out the required fields based on credentials and URL that your custom DAM API uses.

For Client ID and Client Secret, copy these values from the OAuth Application as configured on your service. This OAuth Application should use the redirect URL .

If there are any custom scopes which are required by your application, you can enter them in the “scopes” field.

In endpoint URL, enter the URL of your service at the API root: for example if your service implements the “DAM Assets” action at

Using your custom DAM

To use assets from your custom DAM, simply open a Knak asset and drag an image block in. You will be able to choose what filesystem to use for files, with your custom DAM integration being one of them.

When using your custom DAM for the first time, you will need to sign in with your user credentials that relate to that DAM. Once signed in, you will be able to view and choose assets coming from your custom DAM.

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