How to Setup Sync Location Restrictions

How to setup your integration so emails can only be synced to certain locations in your marketing automation platform

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In some circumstances you may want to limit where in your marketing automation platform instance Knak Builders can sync emails or restrict an integration to a brand.

Knak supports sync restriction for the following MAP:

  • Marketo

  • Eloqua

  • SFMC

  • Pardot

Sync Location Restrictions

Knak can help by allowing you to setup sync location restrictions.

To have this feature activated in your account just send a message to Knak support via our live chat feature.

Once its active, go to the Admin Section (top left button):

and then Integrations > Sync Restrictions

Flip the slide bar to on and select '+New Sync Rule'

On the popup screen you can give your sync rule a name and then select the brand and relevant instance you want the rule to apply to.

You can also specify the asset type (emails or landing pages or both) available to sync, workspace and program you want to allow access to and then select 'Create New Rule'.

When your rule is setup this will mean Builders assigned to the relevant brand will only be able sync to the location you have chosen.

You can setup multiple sync rules for the same brand to allow Builders to sync to multiple locations.

If the folder your sync rule applies to has sub-folders, Builders will be able to sync to all sub folders in that directory.

You can setup rules to target just an instance or workspace, you don't always have to target programs or folders.

Integration restricted to certain brands

To limit an integration to certain brands, go to Integrations > Platform and select +Add New Integration or select a current integration and click the + under Restrict to Brands. Select which brands you want to be able to access the integration and then click on Create New Integration.

The integration will now be restricted to those brands selected.

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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