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How to add preview text to Knak emails

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When you're viewing an unopened email in your inbox you will see the email subject line and also some 'preview text'

Preview text is generally the first bit of text the email client can find at the top of the email.

Example preview text

This presents a challenge for Marketers as sometimes the first bit of text in an email isn't the best thing to display. 'View this email in your browser' for example may not have your recipients racing for the open button.

The second problem is each email client may take a different amount of characters to use as preview text. Have a look at the below examples all from the same email. Note how the preview text length differs.


Outlook web

Outlook app

Preview text by Knak

Knak makes preview text easy by giving you a field to enter your desired text into. You can find that under the Info tab.

This means the preview text doesn't need to be the first piece of text in an email. We automatically add extra empty space after your preview text to ensure no other text is brought in.

Note: The preview text must be more than 15 characters long. For preview text shorter than 15 characters long, please contact the support team.

Have a look at the some preview text when added in the Knak preview text field. All the same length and no unwanted text. Simple and easy!


Outlook web

Outlook app

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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