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Knak - Marketo Image Library Integration
Knak - Marketo Image Library Integration

Store all your images in Marketo and display in the Knak image library

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Some of our clients prefer to store all their image assets in Marketo rather than using the Knak image library.

To assist we developed a new feature that allows you to do just that. You can now store all images in Marketo and view them in the Knak image library.

How to Set Up the Marketo Image Library Integration

To enable this feature in your account, contact Knak support or your customer success manager.

Once active head to the Admin Section (top left button)

and then Integrations > Platforms and click on 'edit' next to your Marketo integration.

On the popup you should see a new option - 'Use as file system integration' Slide that to on.

Next you need to add the Marketo folder ID of the folder you want to store your images in.

To get that open Marketo, go to Design Studio and find 'Images & Files'.

Expand that directory and find the sub-folder where you want to store your images. Click on the relevant folder and look at the folder URL. The numbers after the letters will give you the folder ID.

Paste that into the Folder ID field in Knak and click 'save changes'. That's it! All your Knak images will now be stored in Marketo.

Note, for a user to be able to upload images to Marketo they will need to have the user role permission 'Use Marketo as User File System' activated.

Questions? Comments? Contact Knak Support and we'll be happy to help.

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