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Using Knak you can sync completed emails & landing pages directly into a chosen program in the Marketing activities section of Marketo.

Knak Builder allows you to build complete emails & landing pages before they are synced to Marketo so you don't have to perform any edits once the email is synced if you don't want to.

However we understand that sometimes editing an email in Marketo will be necessary. To help with that Knak has improved the way our emails are synced to make editing from within Marketo as easy as possible. If you're going to be making edits after syncing from knak we would suggest testing your email from Marketo before you send it. Changes to the email could happen in Marketo that are beyond our control so it's good to test and ensure no formatting issues are present.

How to edit an email or landing page in Marketo

Navigate to Marketing Activities and select the folder and program where your email was synced too.

Click on Email Actions > Edit Draft

You will see your email load into the Marketo editor, each piece of content will be separated so it can be edited separately. 

You can select a piece of content to edit by double clicking either the section itself or on any of the 'modules' on the right of the screen.

This will open a popup window in which you can edit that particular piece of content.

How to edit buttons in Marketo

If you have buttons in your email these need to to be edited in a different way. In the bottom right corner of the edit screen you will see a button called 'Global variables'. Select that to bring up a sidebar in which you can edit the link and display text for all buttons in your email.
This is necessary as Knak codes two versions of each button for prefect rendering.

Adding snippets and dynamic content

Build your email in Knak just as you normally would and add a placeholder section to the email where you want the dynamic content to go. Then sync the email to Marketo and open it in edit view. Select settings on the relevant section and change the content to a snippet or dynamic content


Knak fully supports all Marketo token types including custom tokens attached to velocity script. You can add the tokens directly in Knak.

Preview (pre-header) text

When you add preview text in Knak it will be added to the email code, however we can't sync the text into the Marketo pre-header text field so you won't see it there. But rest assured if you send a test or live email from Marketo your preview text will work as expected.

Sync as approved or unapproved

You can choose to sync assets to Marketo in approved or unapproved status. Reach out to Knak support if you want to change the way this works.

Clone and/or scheduled Marketo programs from within Knak

If you wish, you can allow your users to clone specific Marketo program templates from within Knak, meaning a user can clone a new program and sync assets to it without needing to access Marketo.
You can also schedule and send an email from within Knak as well. These features can be activated separately if you only wish to use one or the other. More details here:


Subject Lines

If you are using symbols like an apostrophe (') in your subject lines and you see something like this, =?UTF-8?Q? =E2=80=99?= in Marketo, we encode the non-ascii apostrophe so you have excellent compatibility with all mail clients. Marketo shows Q-encoded characters in their editor like this. If you send a test email, you will see that it is being displayed correctly.

Preheader Text

If you are seeing duplicate preheader text, please ensure this box is unchecked in Marketo.

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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