You can now create a list of Marketo program templates that can be cloned from within your Knak account so you can clone a program and sync an email to it in one step.

You can also schedule and deploy an email campaign from your cloned programs all from within Knak!

To enable this feature in your Knak account contact Knak support or your customer success manager.

This article covers how to set up cloneable program templates, if you're already set up and want to learn how to clone and launch campaigns check out this article:

Cloning a program using Knak Launch

How to set up Knak launch for Marketo

Marketo Setup

Before doing anything in Knak you need to prepare the programs that will be cloned in Marketo.

  • The type of program needs to be an Email program or Default program. Programs need at least a default smart list with more than 0 leads. If you want to schedule emails from within Knak you will need to use Email Programs, if you're only cloning programs Default will also work.

  • Each program needs to have one email in it. No more, no less.

  • The email needs to be approved and not a draft.

  • The program name needs to be unique within the folder.In the email you also

  • Need to break to email's association to its template. To do that open the email in edit mode and select 'edit code'

In the code view you need to alter the code in some way, we recommend adding:


You can add that just below the initial <head> tag. This will break the email's association to its template.

Once that's done save your email. You can tell if the above step has worked by viewing the email details. Next to Template it should display 'None'. At this point, verify the email is not in draft.

Additionally, if you would like to schedule your programs from Knak, you will need to make sure that your program has an audience.

Now your program and email is ready to be cloned. If you need help with this step please contact Knak support and we can assist.

Knak Setup

The first thing you need to do in Knak is to create a list of approved programs your users can clone. To do that head over to Integrations > Program templates and select 'Add Template'

On the popup you need to select a program your users can clone and define the following fields:

  • Brand - select which brands can clone this program

  • Program Template Name - Select a name for your program

  • Description

  • Integration

  • Workspace

  • Program

Click 'Add Template' in the bottom right corner when you're done. You will see your new program appear in the list of program templates.

Repeat the above process for all the programs that you need. Remember you can have separate lists of programs for each brand.

Using brands to control access

You can create separate lists of programs for each of your brands. If you only want to allow certain users in your account to clone programs from Knak you can do that by only setting up cloneable programs for the brands you want to be able to do this.

Now that you're all set up, take a look at his article to clone a program: Cloning a program using Knak Launch

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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