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Knak Launch for Marketo - Cloning a program and launching a campaign
Knak Launch for Marketo - Cloning a program and launching a campaign

How to clone a program and send a campaign from within Knak

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You can now create a list of Marketo program templates that can be cloned from within your Knak account so you can clone a program and sync an email to it all in one step.

Additionally, you can also schedule and deploy an email campaign from your cloned programs from within Knak!

To enable this feature in your Knak account contact Knak support or your customer success manager.

This article covers how to clone a program and launch an email campaign from Knak

Need to get your cloneable Marketo program templates set up? Click here:

How to clone a Marketo program with Knak

Build your email just as you normally would and then select Publish > Sync

On the popup select 'Create New Program' under Sync to a New Program.

Next pick the program you want to clone.

Give your program a name, description and select the location you want to clone the program into.

You can either sync immediately or there is an option to Save & Sync Later. If you choose to sync it later, reopen the email and click on the Info tab and look for the Sync button on the right hand side.

On the final screen review your details and confirm you want to begin the sync.

That's it. Your program will be cloned and your email synced into the new program. Easy!

How to schedule and deploy an email campaign from within Knak

As an addition to the above functionality you can schedule and deploy an email from within Knak.

To enable this in your account contact your Knak customer success manager.

Once this feature is active repeat the above steps to bring up the program details popup. You will now see a new section in which you can schedule your campaign.

Check off 'Schedule Email' and select the date, time and timezone to send the email campaign.

Important! To schedule Default programs, there needs to be a smart campaign that triggers the email to send. Email programs can use the default smart list as long as there is at least 1 lead.

When you clone a program any smart campaigns are deactivated in the new program.

We will activate all smart campaigns when we schedule the program via Knak launch.


If you don't want to schedule the email, you can do it later by clicking on 'Resync'.

Resyncing will also allow you to:

  • Change the scheduled date.

  • Remove the scheduled program date.

  • Update the email if there have been changes.

Important! The email will require a subject line. If the email does not have a subject line, it will not be able to be scheduled and used in a campaign.

Clicking on 'Sync' will clone the program, sync your email to it and schedule your campaign all in one step.

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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