There are two ways to bring an email template into Eloqua. You can sync it using an integration with Eloqua or you can bring it in manually.

This article will describe the steps to bring an email template into Eloqua without an integration.

Step #1

After customizing the email template, go to 'Download Template' and go to 'click here to download'

or go to My Templates and click on Download beside the email template you want to import from Knak.

Step #2

Login to Eloqua and go to Upload an Email

Step #3

Select Upload Template

Step #4

Step #5

Select the Knak HTML template you want to upload.

Step #6

Click on Next Step in the Process Files and Process Links section .

Step #7

Type in a name and select the folder of the template and click Finish.

Congratulations, you have manually put an email template into Eloqua

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