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Creating a landing page from scratch, modules and themes

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Here are the steps to creating a landing page in Knak:

First, click on the brand you wish to create the landing page in.

Knak Brand

After selecting a brand, choose an existing campaign or create a new campaign to store your landing page.

If a new campaign was selected, you will see the option to create in the center of the page. Select "Create Landing Page"

Create Assets in Campaign

If an existing campaign was selected, click "Create" on the top right hand corner.

Create LP from existing campaign

From there you can choose to create an email or landing page from scratch or from a theme.

Create assets dropdown

If you selected From a Theme, it will bring you to the Theme page where you have a template of a landing page that you can choose and the brand you want to create for. Click continue to start working on your landing page.


Modules can be created new by going to Modules > Create New > Pages. This will allow you to build a module from scratch.

You can also be created within a Landing Page by clicking on the outer page of a section and clicking on the Save as Module icon.

After selecting the icon, you can choose the name, category and brands for the module. You can also choose how many sections of the landing page you want as part of the module. When you are ready, click on Create Module to get started making a module.

Don't forget to publish the module if you are ready to use it!

**Please Note** Landing page themes and module can only be used to build landing pages and cannot be used to build emails and vice versa. The reason for this is the advanced functionality that is possible in the web browser instead of an email client.

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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