Administrators will have access to modify certain settings in the account. These can be found on the left hand side under Company > Settings


Default Email Width

To fit the display capabilities of most email clients, we suggest using a 600px email width.

Default Landing Page Width

To fit most displays we suggest using a 1000px landing page width.

Line Height

Adjust the default line heights for the text editor.

Optimize HTML for Outlook Forwarding

Improves rendering when forwarding from Outlook (increases file size).

Enhanced Preview Text

This provides the ability to block additional text from being displayed in preview if the preview text is less than 90 characters (increases file size).

Enable Half-Size Fonts

Enables Half Size Fonts when selecting a font size (12, 12.5, 13, 13.5, etc)

Use Background Images on the Body of Emails

This allows background images to be set on the body of emails. This is a progressive enhancement and will not show in Outlook for Windows.

Modules & Themes

Knak Themes

Access our collection of 'Themes' to build emails.

Custom Themes

Create and manage your own Custom Themes.

Module and Theme Restrictions

Add guardrails on modules and themes to ensure brand compliance.

Module URL Tagging

Uses URL tagging for modules to track which modules were used.


Review Settings

Manage reviews and approvals.


Chrome Extension Integration

Chrome plugin that allows you to import and send Knak emails directly from Gmail.

Standard Beta Access

Features will be rolled out in your production instance, prior to general availability. Please note that this means that all users will have access to all new beta features in production. (May contain bugs 🐜 )

Premium Beta Access (Paid Sandbox Account)*

New Knak features will be available in a mirrored sandbox instance of Knak prior to general availability. Customers have control over when they want to deploy new features rolled out to their end-users. *Requires Enterprise Subscription. If you are interested, contact support or your Customer Success Manager.

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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