Add-to-Calendar Link for your Emails

How to create an Add to Calendar link for emails

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Depending on which email clients your subscribers use to read emails, you may choose to create an ICS calendar file, calendar link or both. ICS Calendar files work with pretty much all calendars, while calendar links works with only a few of them.

Creating ICS calendar links

ICS calendar files

To get started with an ICS, you will need to create an ICS with a tool like this. It will allow you to add any necessary information to your subscribers including location, description and URL.

Create a CTA button and link it to the location of the ICS file. You are able to add the file to the image library and link it there. The link to a file in the image library can be found by going into the image library, finding the file and right clicking on the name and copying the link.

To test out your file download, export or sync your asset.

Creating Calendar Links

Calendar links

To create these links, we suggest using a tool like this. With this tool, you can create calendar links for various email clients. However, with these links you won't be able to create recurring events.

Create text or button links with the newly created Calendar link.

We recommend adding both ICS calendar files and calendar links to an email in separate call to action buttons.

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