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The best practices for email and landing page accessibility

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There are a few steps to make emails and landing pages more accessible for your viewers.

Here's are a couple of things to do to improve accessibility that can be done through Knak:

Set the Alt text

Alt text is a description of the image that displays when a viewer cannot see the images. This text should be a short, detailed description of the intended image. Alt text can be directly added through Knak.

Alternate text for images can be set to give a warning, ignore or an error when creating a module.

Adding roles to <TABLE> elements

By including role="presentation" (or role="header" or role="footer") in a <TABLE> element, it will prevent screen readers from misreading tables. This will tell a screen reader that it is not a data table and will read the content as intended to the subscriber. This can be directly added through Knak.

Using the HTML Language Attribute

By including the correct language attribute to the head of the email, it will tell screen readers to pronounce or display words correctly. If you would like to use the HTML Language Attribute, contact your Customer Success Manager or Support to enable this. When enabled, this feature can be found in the email settings.

Size of your font

Consider using fonts at least 14 px in size. Anything less can be difficult for the subscriber to read.

Colour contrast

Contrast in colours is important for subscribers with visual impairment. Yellow text on a white background will be hard to read whereas black text on white background will be a lot easier. Here is a link to an external color contrast checker:

Make your links more visible by using a bold font or an underline. The links will be easier to see for people with visual impairment. Avoid using generic link titles such as 'click here' make the title more descriptive, particularly if there's multiple links on the same page/email.


Always use live text and try to avoid incorporating text into images, screen readers will have a hard time understanding the content.


Always use a maximum of 40% image content in your emails & landing pages, any more will make it hard for screen readers to understand the content.


Never replace a word with an emoji, always use the word as well so it can be understood by all viewers.

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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