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Use folders to organize your emails and landing pages

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Folders help organize your emails and landing pages in an efficient manner within Knak. Each brand has their own set of folders and subfolders to manage assets easily. Emails and landing pages must be created in a campaign.

Within a brand folder is where campaigns can be created. To create a folder or campaign, you will need to go to Studio and select the brand you would like to have it in. Campaigns and folders can be created within other folders.

The folders and campaigns can be sorted alphabetically or chronologically and filtered by asset type, status and creator.

Emails and Landing Pages can be moved by going into a folder, click on the asset you want to move and dragging into the desired folder. If you'd like to move more than one assets, click on the checkboxes of the assets and then drag them to the desired folder. You can also move all the assets by clicking on one checkbox and then clicking 'Select All' and dragging it to the folder of your choice.

You can clone a campaign by right clicking on it and selecting clone. From this menu, you can also delete or create other assets for the campaign.

To create/Move/Delete Asset Folders and Campaigns, the user must have the permissions set for their role. These permissions can be found under Asset Folders.

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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