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Sending Knak emails from Hubspot
Sending Knak emails from Hubspot

Setting up emails that can render correctly when sent from Hubspot

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Set up the mandatory HubSpot footer in Knak

  1. While in Knak, create a footer module that you can reuse which will contain all the mandatory HubSpot footer content.

2. Add a text component which contains all the mandatory plain text tags.

{{ site_settings.company_name }}

{{ site_settings.company_street_address_1 }}

{{ site_settings.company_street_address_2 }}

{{ site_settings.company_city }}

{{ site_settings.company_state }}

{{ site_settings.company_zip }}


You received this email because you are subscribed to {{ subscription_name }} from {{ site_settings.company_name }}.

If you remove any that are required, you’ll just get an error when you try to upload it into HubSpot in the later steps.

3. Next, set up the unsubscribe links by adding text and inserting a link for each in Knak. For the link URL, paste in both of the following tags.

For the unsubscribe link, i.e “Unsubscribe from all future emails”, link your text to:


For the preference center, ie “Update your email preferences”, link your text to:


Setting up your email in HubSpot

  1. In HubSpot go to Marketing » Files and Templates » Design Tools and then select Create a new File

2. Pick HTML + HubL

3. Pick Template and Email

4. In the HubSpot email editor, delete everything from Line 5 to the end of the file.

5. Export your Knak HTML, open it in a text editor and copy all the HTML.

6. Put your cursor on Line 5 in the HubSpot editor and paste in your Knak HTML

7. Click Publish changes

8. You will get a confirmation that it was published.

Using the Email

  1. Go into Marketing » Email and click Create email

2. Choose a Regular email

3. Then when you choose a template, click the Custom tab and your new email that you saved.

4. Now you can see, test and send this email, and the integrity of the HTML will be preserved. Note that unfortunately the content will not be editable in HubSpot.

Please reach out to or the chat bubble if you have any questions.

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