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Guide to Mobile Settings
Guide to Mobile Settings

Understanding and accessing mobile settings in the editor

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Every element in Knak (text, image, buttons, etc…) is fully responsive. By default, the individual settings for each element used in your designs will be shared between desktop and mobile (and will look great on both!). Shared settings are denoted by the overlapped desktop+mobile icon indicating that your element is using 1 shared setting for desktop and mobile.

For finer-tuned control with separate settings for mobile and desktop, you can click the icon next to the setting you want to adjust and it will be switch to a separate Mobile and Desktop setting.

Please note that only desktop edits will appear in the editor. Editing mobile settings will not be reflected in the editor. Instead, you will be prompted to check in "preview" to see the change looks like.

Each element has separate attributes which can be controlled separately for mobile and desktop. For example, a button can have separate padding for desktop and mobile when your design needs it. A complete list of elements and their attributes that can be adjusted separately for mobile+desktop is at the bottom of this help article.

  1. Text

    1. Size

    2. Alignment

    3. Padding

  2. Image

    1. Alignment

    2. Padding

  3. Section

    1. Padding

    2. Background Position

    3. Background Size

  4. Column

    1. Padding

  5. Button

    1. Alignment

    2. Padding

    3. Font Size

  6. Spacer

    1. Height

  7. Social

    1. Alignment

  8. Dividers

    1. Alignment

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