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Discover how to can modify images in Knak emails.

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To get your image into Knak drag in an image block and either paste in the image URL or load the image to the Knak image library.

Once the image has been inserted the image attributes will appear in the right nav.
You can use these to edit the display.

Edit - Select edit to bring up our image editor in which you can crop and rotate your image. And also add text directly into your images.

Add text directly into your image - In the image editor switch to the 'Text' tab. You can select a font type, color and size. Type the text you want and move it into position on top of your image. The text will be added into the image.

Image Width - This will be set to auto by default which will scale the image to fit the available space on the recipients screen. You can untick that to force an alternative size.

Align - Change image alignment (left, center or right) on desktop and mobile view.

Highlight on hover - Add some pop to your images and on buttons with a hover affect. When a recipient hovers their mouse over the image it will invert the colors. Great for clickable images.

Background images - The Knak editor is capable of utilizing a background image behind other content like text and buttons. Meaning no more baking buttons and text into inflexible and uneditable flat files. More details here.

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email support@knak.com

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