No Code Styling

When you add a form from Marketo to your Knak landing page, we provide two options 'Default Style' and 'Custom Style'.

  • The 'Default style' will be the form coming directly from your Marketo instance. This might work for you if you have already added custom CSS to the form and like the way it looks on your landing page but unfortunately Marketo adds a lot of CSS code to the form itself which makes it difficult to make any adjustments to how the form looks, the code applied is very outdated, it doesn't account for responsive behaviour on mobile and often leads to an undesirable result.

  • The 'Custom Style' removes the CSS code set by Marketo in order to enable you to set the style in the sidebar of the Knak builder. This leads to a responsive form that is generated with cleaner, more modern code.

Advanced Forms Supported

Knak supports advanced forms such as multi column and progressive profiling as configured in Marketo.


The ‘Preview’ is the most accurate version of the landing page and form. It is more accurate than what you see in the editor while building

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