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No Code Styling

When you add a form from Marketo to your Knak landing page, we provide two options 'Default Style' and 'Custom Style'.

  • The 'Default style' will be the form coming directly from your Marketo instance. This might work for you if you have already added custom CSS to the form and like the way it looks on your landing page but unfortunately Marketo adds a lot of CSS code to the form itself which makes it difficult to make any adjustments to how the form looks, the code applied is very outdated, it doesn't account for responsive behaviour on mobile and often leads to an undesirable result.

  • The 'Custom Style' removes the CSS code set by Marketo in order to enable you to set the style in the sidebar of the Knak builder. This leads to a responsive form that is generated with cleaner, more modern code.

Form Previews in Knak

Up until now the form was shown in the editor but was excluded from 'preview'. You couldn't see what your Form will actually look like until you synced to your MAP. Being able to do a true preview in Knak will shorten LP build times and improve the UX.

Advanced Forms Supported

Knak supports advanced forms such as multi column and progressive profiling as configured in Marketo.

Progressive Profiling

You can use progressive profiling in Knak to hide or show fields based on user input with no extra steps required.

Form pre-population

You can now pre-fill the fields in the form if you already know certain data about the user who is filling in the form. This is a big piece to converting leads as people prefer to not give you their name and email when you should already know this information. Knak fully supports form pre-population.

Form submission redirect overrides

Now you can configure from inside Knak where a form redirects you after you submit it. Whatever you configure in Knak will override what is in Marketo.

This will be advantageous for large scale form users as you can now re-use the same Marketo form on multiple different LPs and have each one redirect to a different place. You will not need to clone the form multiple times and clutter up your Marketo instance.

All this combines to make it faster and easier to make LPs with forms that look gorgeous, but also perform better!

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