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For 2023 Product updates please view our updated product release page here. This document lists updates from 2022 and older.

Fall 2022

Inspiration Centre

You can now find hundreds of real-world emails and landing pages in Knak. The Inspiration Centre allows you to take your established branding and easily apply it to your inspired work. Go from inspiration to creation with zero code. More details

Email Testing

Email testing allows you to ensure proper viewing, no matter the client. You can view your email on a mobile or desktop and in light or dark mode. Rendering issues are a problem of the past. More details

Dark Mode Optimizer

You can be confident in Knak as we will offer you the best practice recommendations every time. More details

Summer 2022

Pardot Integration

Ability to sync landing pages and emails directly to Pardot. More details

AEM Assets Integration

Integration to pull in assets from AEM for use in Knak. More details

Custom Form Styles Enhancements

We added TONS of new features to make it easier than ever to make your forms look and perform great. Full support for Progressive Profiling, Form Pre-Population, and other features to increase your conversion rate More details

Liveclicker Integration

Connect your Liveclicker account to Knak. Easily pick Liveclicker components to add to your emails with no-code or snippets More details

Spring 2022

Next-Level Brand Management

Improved brand management capabilities for single and multi-brand customers. Manage colours and typography-kits for your brands with ease. For the first time ever you can now add your Brand Managers to your knak account for free with a new Brand manager role. More details

Enhanced Sync Restrictions

Create per-asset type sync restrictions rules for landing pages and emails. Now with full support for Marketo, Eloqua, SFMC, and Pardot. More details

Mobile Settings

Better controls for adjusting mobile vs desktop settings to achieve your designs, and reducing email HTML size by up to 40% More details

Winter 2021

New Studio with Campaign Management and Foldering

Manage full Campaigns with emails and landing pages grouped together as Campaign Templates. Overhauled Studio with folder navigation and a right-click menu. More details

Slack Integration for Collaboration Alerts

Connect your Knak account to your Slack account and be able to receive instant alerts as Slack messages when assets are assigned to you or updated. More details

Pardot Landing Page Integration

Create landing pages in knak and sync to pardot with a full Pardot Forms integration More details

Fall 2021

Additional Support for Videos

Vidyard and Wistia support for videos in Landing pages. More details

Bullet list Control

Allow more customizable with your bullet lists. More details

Email Width Control

Set a default width of emails for a brand. More details

Eloqua Forms Integration

Use fully-integrated Eloqua Forms in your Knak Landing Pages . More details

Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to copy full elements, undo history, and other common actions. More details

Summer 2021

Clone to Brands

Clone an email to another brand. More details

Spacer content object

How to add space in between sections of your email. More details

Border Radius on images

Round the borders of images. More details

Bread crump Navigation

Navigate through the builder easier.

Video content object for landing pages

Add a background image to the entire length of your page. More details

Nested Columns

Create two columns out of one. More details

Column Reorder

Move the order of columns. More details

Marketo Form Integration

Integrate your Marketo directly in Knak. More details

Spring 2021

Inner Border

Create an inner border in addition to a regular border. More details

Responsys Integration

Sync Knak emails to Responsys. More details

Braze Integration

Sync Knak emails to Braze. More details

Optimize Alt text test and Optimize Settings

Check to see if there is alt text in images and customizable Optimize settings. More details

Module Merge

Choose to lock modules so users can't edit and they automatically update to the latest version. More details

Javascript in landing pages

Insert javascript code into your landing page. More details

Add/remove columns

Insert or delete columns to a section. More details

Editor zoom settings

View the email at a closer view.

Email locking

Only one user can edit an email at a time.

Inner Border radius

Create rounded corners on an inner border. More details

Winter 2021

Landing Pages

Creating a landing page from scratch, modules and themes. More details

Editable Review Groups

Review groups can be edited at any stage of the approval process. More details

Background Sync

See the status of your sync. More details

Zoom in and out

Ability to zoom in and out of email. More details


Can undo and redo changes in a email. More details

Background Image Alignment

The ability to change the background image's alignment can be changed. More Details

Rounded Columns

Round the corners of any column. More details

SendGrid Integration

Sync Knak emails using Sendgrid. More details

Sparkpost Integration

Sync Knak emails to SparkPost. More details

Veeva Vault Integration

Sync emails to Veeva Vault. More details

Share Link

Share email link for others to view. More details

Knak Email Optimize

Flags issues with your email. More details

Fall 2020

Annotated Feedback πŸŽ‰
All new collaboration to help enable virtual teams work better together. More details.

Real-time Notifications and Tagging

See notifications for important event in your account. More details
​Adobe Campaign Export

Export a Knak created email into Adobe Campaign. More details.

Knak Launch Part 2 -Deploy a campaign from Knak.

Clone a program and send a campaign from within Knak. More details.

SAP Export

Export a Knak email into SAP Marketing Cloud. More details.

Administrators can manually approve an email

Admins can now approve an email. More details

Acoustic Integration

Set up an integration to sync emails between Knak and Acoustic. More details

Email Version Updates

Restore or clone a previous version of an email. More details

Column Properties

Set the corner radius of columns to be more rounded. More details

Updated Row Padding

UI for the padding has been changed. More details

Summer 2020

Preview text update

Easily create preview text by giving you a field to enter your desired text into. More details.

Audit feature

Let Knak review your emails and automatically flag any issues. More details.

Marketo image integration

Store all the images in Marketo and display it in the Knak image library. More details.

Text over images

Put text over an image using the image editor. More details

Marketo Deploy

Clone a Marketo program directly into Knak. More details.

Create module from email

A module can be easily created from an email design in the Email Center. More details.

Assign module/theme to some but not all brands

Easily assign modules to one, all or a selection of brands. More details.

Spring 2020

​Underline link check box
Easily control if links are underlined in any text box by selecting/unselecting a check box in the text attributes.

Dynamic Approvals (Enterprise only)
Create approval groups on the fly for speedy approvals when no approval group exists. More details.

Knak email editor 2.0
A major update to the Knak email builder - A better user experience, more efficient creation and expanded features. More details.

Bullet proof background images
Full support for background images across all email clients & expanded display options. More details.

Fully adjustable column widths
Adjust columns widths in multi-column rows for even more design flexibility. More details.

Hover states
Add a hover effect to images and buttons to draw attention to important content and CTAs. More details.

Access brand colors in builder
Select your brand primary, secondary and link color from any color picker in the Knak builder. More details.

Module & Theme editing restrictions (Enterprise only)
Expanded options for setting building restrictions on modules and themes. More details.

Brand link color
Define a default brand link color that will be used on all emails built under a brand. More details.

5 & 6 column rows
New options to add 5 & 6 columns rows to your emails for more design flexibility. More details.

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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