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How to use mailto links in your asset

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A mailto link is a link that activates the default mail client. These can be added to buttons, text or image links.

To use a mailto link, simply put 'mailto:' and the email address.

For example: would create a link to mail Knak Support.

If you wanted to add additional info such as subject, cc, bcc or body text you can use:

carbon copy e-mail address

blind carbon copy e-mail address

subject=subject text

subject of e-mail

body=body text

body of e-mail

So if you wanted to add a cc and subject, you would need to add a '?' right after the email address and a '&' between the cc and subject.

For example: '

This will set the mailto to, cc'd to and the subject will prepopulate to 'The subject of the mail'

If you have any questions, reach out to

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