Using Modules in Assets

How to use modules in assets

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To add module, scroll down on the right side to the Modules section. Find the desired module and click and drag it to the area of the asset you want.

Break Apart Modules

When a module is added to an asset it will stay together a single piece of content. You can move it around in the email and also clone or delete the entire module. You also won't be able to add or remove any structures or content blocks from the module. This is done on purpose to ensure modules are used as intended. You can still update copy, swap out images and add links etc.

If you need to edit the structure of the module click on 'Break apart module' this will break up the module into individual pieces. You can now delete and add new structures and content blocks.

Breaking apart modules only applies to users with the right permissions.

If you want have any questions, reach out to or the chat bubble in the lower right corner.

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