It's easy to add anchor links to your emails & landing pages using Knak's advanced editor.

Anchor links will work on buttons, text links and images.

What you want to do is add an HTML section above the section you want to anchor:

Then in the HTML block, add this code;

<a name="anchorname"></a><br /> 

Then you want to go to your anchor link and set the hyperlink. Here's an example for text links:

For buttons and images, you would use the same URL that is shown above in the text link example.

Previewing anchor links

Anchor links won't work in the Knak preview screen, you would need to export or sync your content to see the anchor links working.

Anchor links in emails

Keep in mind that anchor links don't work in all email clients. Here is a breakdown on where you can expect them to work:

Good luck! You can do this!

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