Modules are a useful email creation technique for defining layouts to be used an re-purposed on a large scale while maintaining consistency in each of your emails.
You can find, edit and create new modules by going to the module management section.

Create Module Categories

You can create module categories to help you find and sort your modules and use them in the right section of your emails.

Here you can create a new category by giving it a name and selecting save. 

You will then be able to see the categories that you have created. You can also edit and delete the categories from here:

Pro Tip - Define your module categories before building out modules so you can easily assign a module to a category while building.

Access Modules

You can access the modules section by finding the module management option on the homepage and clicking on Modules.

From here you can create new modules, see all modules created, search for modules and make edits to existing modules.

Create a New Module

You can create a new module from the module management section or you can build modules directly from an email.

Click here to find out more information about building modules directly from an email.

Build from the Module Management section

On the Module Management page click on the Create New Module button. From here you can use the builder to create a module that you want to save so others can re-use it. You can use the Knak builder to create your modules in the same way you would create an email. If you need help using Knak Builder click here.

You can give the module a name, assign it to a category and assign it to a brand. This will ensure that it's easy for other users to find and will be used in the right circumstances.

When the module is 100% finished you can select 'Published' which will make it available for use from within the email builder.

Pro Tip - You can assign your modules to all brands or just a selection. Under the brands drop down select as many individual brands as you need.

Create Email from Modules

Create a new email or open any existing email. All published modules will be visible under the Modules menu on the right of the screen. Just drag in anything you need. Easy!

Break Apart Modules

When a module is added to an email it will stay together a single piece of content. You can move it around in the email and also clone or delete the entire module. You also won't be able to add or remove any structures or content blocks from the module. This is done on purpose to ensure modules are used as intended. You can still update copy, swap out images and add links etc.

If you need to edit the structure of the module click on 'Break apart module' this will break up the module into individual pieces. You can now delete and add new structures and content blocks.

Pro Tip - You can save a portion of an email as a new module while you're building. More details here.

Module locking

When you don't want the user to be able to edit any part of the module, you can lock the module by going to Modules > Modules and selecting the module and turning the Locked switch on. Please note, modules are unlocked by default and any emails that are using the module will be updated to the latest version when it is locked.

When the user tries to make an edit to a locked module, they will see this:

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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