There are a few different options that we can configure for you on the set up of your account to determine how you would like to organize your image files.

Option 1

To have a folder created for each brand in your instance.

Option 2

To have a folder created for each email built in your instance.

You can have both options turned on if you want the images to be organized within each email within their individual brand.

Accessing the Image Library

As an admin on an account you can access the image library by selecting the Image Library.

Here you will be able to upload an image and create a shared folder.

From here you can see the folder structure, upload images and create shared folders.

User Access to the Image Library 

Permissions for images can be set for different roles under company settings. Roles can be set to:

  • Update Folder Permissions

  • Ability to read all folders, regardless of read permissions set

For more information, see here.

Image Compatibility

The file types supported for upload are:

  • JPEG

  • PNG

  • GIF

  • TIFF

We would recommend a maximum file size of 2MB for any image to avoid negative impacts on your email deliverability and performance.

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