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How to create beautiful emails using Knak themes

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Your Knak account comes preloaded with a collection of 'Themes' or complete email templates. You can browse our Theme library, grab a design and get an email built fast!

How to build an asset using a theme

1. To build an asset from a theme, go into a campaign and click on the '+ Create' button in the top right.

2. Select 'Create Email from a theme' or 'Create Landing Page From A Theme'

3.Select from the Theme you want under 'My Themes'

4. Hover over the theme you want to build and select 'View details' to see what it's used for and the description or 'Build' to use the theme.

5. After selecting 'Build', your theme is ready to be customized to your liking.

Creating a Theme

  1. Go into the email or landing page you want to create a theme from.

  2. Click on the 3 vertical dots beside the asset name.

  3. Click 'Share as Theme'

  4. Assign it to a brand, give it a name, tags and a description and click on 'Create Theme'

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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