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Define editing restrictions in modules and themes.
Define editing restrictions in modules and themes.

Set content building rules to keep your emails on brand.

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Note: Requires Enterprise subscription

Administrators can set guardrails on modules and themes so that they can only be used in certain ways to ensure brand guidelines are adhered to.

Need help building modules & themes? Try these articles:

How to add editing restrictions to modules - Simply start building a new module and all options will be available in the module editing screen,
How to add editing restrictions to custom themes -  build/save the theme as you normally would. Navigate to company settings > themes and open the theme to edit it. options to set restrictions will be available, more details below.

Available editing restrictions

Image width and height restrictions

Add an image into your module/theme and on the right side of the screen scroll to the bottom of the image attributes section.
You can set rules for image width and height, rules can force exact dimensions or a minimum.

Text character restrictions

Add a text content block into your module/theme & scroll to the bottom of the text attribute section. You can add a max amount of characters for that text section

Module/Theme editing restrictions

On each part of your content you can restrict how it can be edited. This can be done on an individual content block such as an image. Or on an entire content row, or a combination of both.
Click on the piece of content you want to restricted and choose from the following:
Unlocked - fully editable
Fully Locked - no editing allowed
Locked (Text editable) - Editing options are locked, text is editable
Custom Restrictions - enable, lock or hide each editing option, more details below.

Custom restrictions

Selecting custom restrictions allows you to set fine grained restrictions on any available editing option e.g. Font type, text color, alignment etc.

A new dropdown will appear next to all editing options with the following options:

  • Inherit - takes the same permissions as the parent object.

  • Editable - can be changes by email builders

  • Locked - not editable 

  • Hidden - Locked and removed from view

Alternate Text

When creating a module, you can set up the module to give a warning, ignore or an error when looking under the optimize tab which will determine if it is high, medium or no impact.

Users with the 'Bypass Editor Restrictions' permission are able to override restrictions for locked modules. When you click on a module with restrictions, you can turn the switch to 'on' which will allow you to bypass the restrictions.

In the self-service preference page, you can select whether it is 'on' or 'off' by default.

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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