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Editing emails in Pardot
Editing emails in Pardot

How to edit emails in Pardot

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Using Knak you can build beautiful emails that can be synced or imported to your Salesforce Pardot instance and sent as a component of your Pardot campaigns.ย 

For general information covering how to get Knak emails into Pardot click here.

How to edit emails in Pardot

We recommend doing as much editing in Knak as possible for best results. That being said, Knak emails are coded so that they are compatible with the Pardot email editor. Meaning editing in Pardot is possible, however please be aware of the following limitations.


Text can be edited from within Pardot, just click on the relevant text section and edit the text using the standard editor.


Images can be edited in the Pardot editor, however swapping out an image or altering the image width/height may cause responsive design to break. Meaning it won't look as good on mobile or tablet. To fix that, when you alter the image in Pardot, make sure you remove any fixed width or height settings and set the width to 100%


Editing buttons in Pardot is not recommend unless you're comfortable editing html/css. Editing just the link wont be enough to ensure the button functions as expected. You would need to edit parts of the button code as well. Editing button code is possible by switching to code view by selecting the icon in the bottom left corner.
If you're not comfortable with this we recommend making the updates in Knak and then reimporting the email.

โ€‹Dividers - Not editable in Pardot

Social Icons - Not editable in Pardot

Custom HTML block - Not editable in Pardot

Layout changes such as added or removing rows - Not possible in Pardot

โ€‹Adding Dynamic Content

Dynamic content can be added to Knak emails in Pardot. Just click on the piece of content you want to make dynamic and select the lightning bolt icon to swap that section for dynamic content.

If your dynamic content contains images, be aware that they may not be responsive and may not display as intended on mobile devices. Custom CSS would need to be added to each image to ensure proper display.

Editing Email Templates

You can edit email templates after syncing by going to Emails > Templates, click on the Email Template, then Edit email template.

Note on Drafts and Resyncing

Pardot automatically creates drafts when edits are made to templates and Publish to Template is not clicked. If you resync your template from Knak, and notice that updates don't show in the Pardot editor, it's because a draft exists. You must go to Emails > Drafts > Email Template Drafts and delete the draft for the latest changes to show in the editor.

If you want to edit the latest version of the template synced from Knak in Pardot, ensure all previously created drafts have been deleted before clicking Edit Template

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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