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How to manually import a landing page to Pardot
How to manually import a landing page to Pardot

How to move pages between Knak and Pardot without using the Knak <> Pardot integration

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Step one - build your beautiful page in Knak and select 'Download HTML for Pardot'

Step two - open a new tab in your browser and open the file you just exported from Knak. When it's open right click your mouse and select 'view page source'

This will reveal the HTML code, select and copy everything.

Step three - open your Pardot instance and select Marketing > Landing Pages > Layout Templates > + Add Layout Template.

Step four - Give your template a name, choose a folder and then select all of the code, delete it and paste in the Knak code and hit save.

Step five - Navigate to Landing Pages > New Landing Page > Add Landing Page. Give your page a name, choose a campaign and set up any other details you need and then select next. On the next page select the form you want to use.

Step six - under the Content Layout tab you should see your new template, select it and move to the next step. You will see that beautiful Knak landing appear with your Pardot form included if needed. All you need to do from here is confirm, save and you're ready to go!

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