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Accessing the Builder & Main Parts
Accessing the Builder & Main Parts

Instructions on how to get into the Builder and start building

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Getting started is easy.

Step 1

Log in to your Knak account here.

Step 2

Click on the respective brand.

Go into a campaign

From here, click on Create an Email or Create a Landing Page or click on +Create and you can create from a Theme.

  • Themes are complete email templates, Knak has a library of standard themes to get you started, and if you have an Enterprise account you can build your own custom themes. More details here.

Step 3

You're now in the builder and ready to get started.

Time to make magic happen!

​Main Parts of the Builder

All email building and admin controls are in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

You have the following options:

Email/Landing Page name and last save time

You can name your email and see last save time in the top left corner of the screen.

Three dot menu

  • Preview - View a desktop and mobile preview of your email

  • Share Link.

  • Send a test to an external email address

  • Access 'Link Review' where you can check all your links are set up properly and have URL parameters added.

  • Share as theme (email template) from your email - Enterprise feature

  • Save as modules from your email.

  • Clone email - great for versioning!

  • Delete email.

Info Tab

Set your email details - from name, email, subject & preview text.

Set tags to easily sort your email.

Create Tab

On the right of the create screen you will see four drop down sections

  1. Email settings

  2. Content

  3. Structure

  4. Modules

Email settings - Here you can define global settings that will affect the entire email such as email width and background colour.

Content - Content blocks which you can drag into the rows in your email. (text, image etc).

Structure - Row types with one to four columns which you can drag into your email and populate with content blocks.

Modules - You can find all your modules in the main editing screen. When you drag a module into your email it will remain grouped together as a single piece of content. You can easily move the whole module up or down in the email using the cross hair icon to the left of the module.

If you need to break the module apart to move individual pieces of content, just click 'Break apart module' on the right of the module section.

Optimize Tab

This tab will show you when you're email is optimally built. It will have high and medium impacts

Collaborate Tab

Under the collaborate tab you will be able to leave comments and discuss designs with your team.

Reviews - **For Business and Enterprise Customers**

Here you can see full details of who has/has not approved the email so far, including comments left by the approvers.

Pro Tip: When setting up approval groups you can now set multiple approvers per stage to save time. More details here.

Publish menu

The publish menu is where you will find sync, HTML export and 'send for approval' options.

Zoom in and Out

You can zoom in and out of the email if you need to. You can also reset the zoom to the original size with the icon on the right. The zoom can be found on the lower left corner of the email.


If you need to undo or redo a change in the email, you can simply click on the undo or redo buttons found in the lower left of the email.

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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