Knak has a direct integration with Veeva Vault so you can easily sync emails with a click of a button.

Creating a Knak User

It is preferable that a dedicated Veeva Vault user be created for Knak. The user should have sufficient permission to perform the following actions:

  • Retrieve Document Metadata

  • Create a Document Lock

  • Create a Single Document Version

How to set up the integration

  1. Go to the Admin section

  2. Then go to Integrations > Platforms and Select Add New Integration and choose the Veeva Vault integration

  3. Enter a name for the Veeva Vault Integration

  4. Enter your Veeva Vault Username & Password associated with Knak

  5. Enter the Veeva Environment URL (everything after the https:// and before the in your Veeva Vault instance)

Creating Documents to Sync to Knak

First, create a document (use a document placeholder for a new document without content) and share the document with the Knak integration user so Knak can edit it.

When syncing the document for the first time in Knak, you can use the search feature to find the document.

On sync:

  • Knak creates a new version of the target document in Veeva Vault and adds the Knak HTML as the source content for the new version.

  • Knak also adds a PNG rendering of the email as a viewable rendition (of type imported_rendition__vs) to the document. The default viewable rendition that appears in the Veeva Vault review panel will be a PDF which is produced internally by Veeva Vault from the HTML.

Every resync from Knak will add a new version (minor version number) to this document which contains the updated content from Knak.

Need more help? Contact Support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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