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How to add fragment groups in emails for use in Veeva

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What are fragments

A fragment is a piece of email content designed to allow for greater personalisation of an email being sent from Veeva

In Knak, a fragment group is a component that can be dragged into an email. You can set the Minimum and Maximum Modules in the fragment group’s attributes section. It's important to note that while modules can be added to a fragment group, they won't be synced to Veeva Vault along with the email.

Fragment Groups on Submission Sync

Submission syncs are for medical legal and regulatory reviews that occur in Veeva Vault. They only include desktop and mobile renders of an email in PDF format.

On submission sync, the fragment group is replaced with an image for both desktop and mobile renditions.

Fragment Groups on CRM Sync

CRM syncs are for customers that use Veeva Vault Approved Emails that send emails via Veeva CRM. The file format is HTML.

On CRM Sync, the fragment group is replaced with the insert email fragments token.


The minimum_modules and maximum_modules are replaced with integers set in the fragment group’s attribute section in Knak.


The token allows Veeva CRM users to add individual email fragments into the email before sending.

How to add a fragment group to a Knak email

Simply drag in the fragment content block from the content menu:

By selecting the fragment group you can specify the minimum & maximum allowed number of attributes

In Veeva CRM, this would prevent reps from adding zero email fragments into an email template without any other content. It would also prevent reps from dragging too many email fragments into an email template.

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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