Step 1 Create an API User:

Create an API User in Adobe Campaign Classic. The Username and Password will be used with the new Knak Integration.

The API user must have access rights to:

  1. Delivery Operators

  2. Access to reports

  3. Content Contributors

Step 2 Create integration in Knak

Go to Integrations > Platforms

and click on + Add New Integration. Select Adobe Campaign Classic and enter the username and password from the API user.

If the Adobe Campaign Classic URL is hosted by Adobe, enter the instance URL. This can be found under File > Connections when connected to the Campaign instance.

If this is an on premise instance (no public URL), please contact so we can arrange access.

Step 3 Syncing an email to Campaign Classic

After you set up the integration, you are ready to sync an email over to Campaign Classic.

  1. Create a blank delivery in Campaign Classic.

  2. In Knak, go the email and select Publish > Sync

  3. Select the Campaign Classic integration and select the Delivery where you want to sync the email and select sync.

An email can be synced to any delivery that is in the 'editing' state in Campaign Classic.

Use the 'Preview' tab in the Campaign delivery to have the best view of the email.

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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