No Code and Multi-Map Merge Tags
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No Code Merge Tags

Up until now when you use Merge Tags for personalizations in Knak, you see code.

With this latest release, personalizations will show up in the editor as nice looking Pill-shapes instead of {{##personalization_goes_here##}}.

Multi-Map Merge Tags

We’ve also evolved our Multi-Platform capabilities so that customers can have multiple sets of merge tags for each of the platforms you use. This makes it so that if you put your ‘Email Address’ merge tag into an email, you see a nice pill in Knak with no ugly code, and when that syncs to each platform it will be translated into the correct syntax for that platform.

This makes it unbelievably easy to do personalizations across a complex tech stack without shooting yourself in the foot. Knak doesn’t just work with ANY of your platforms, it works with ALL of your platforms at the same time.

Example: You might be a company that uses Marketo and then you acquire a company that uses Pardot. Now you can keep your same creation process in Knak and deploy the same emails to both platforms and have your personalizations automatically translated at sync-time into each platforms correct syntax without you even needing to do anything. Now you can have 1 creation tool and 1 creation process that can service the needs of an entire enterprise across your whole tech stack from a single Knak instance. This is true decentralization.


  • Multi-Map feature is only available for Knak Enterprise accounts.

  • Some system fields will never be used as a merge field in assets. You are now able to remove and clean up the tags to only show the ones that will be used in assets.

  • Tag names can be edited to fit internal jargon.

  • Administrators will have access to the Merge Tags page. This can also be controlled through Role Permissions in order to give a non-admin access.


When inserting a merge tag that populates a link (i.e. email address), the link formatting will not be specified in the HTML. Since the merge tag is not viewed as a link in Knak. To be able to control the link formatting in Knak, you can add a special link and set the desired link format.

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